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  • Interviews with Millionaires


    The Truth About Success

  • Want to know what millionaires know?


    Ever wondered why some people seem to attract success and others struggle?


    Curious to know how to make dreams a reality?

  • When I started interviewing millionaires to learn how and why they did what they did, I expected they would reinforce what I had heard and believed was true about success. Instead, my whole concept of how success is created and how one reaches their dreams was completely blown up. 

    I learned lessons I never expected to and I want you to know them, too, because the success literature isn't really forthcoming with the truth about success.

    Most of today's success authors seem more concerned with marketing their books that contain marginal information or recycled and regurgitated cliches that don't square with what these millionaires taught me than to tell you the straight up truth about the process.

    Choose one of the buttons below to learn the truth about success that I learned in private interviews with 21 entrepreneurial millionaires.

  • What Others Say About the Book

    "Excellent book!! The interview format of the book makes it easy to read and makes you feel like you are right there with the millionaires." Rusty Nelson

    "Finally a success book that is actually practical!" Aaron Blackham, MD

    "Having read just about every book on how to be successful, it was refreshing to read something with a different perspective...Brandon's approach is straightforward and honest, but also insightful and inspiring." Michael Kuehn, VP ClinicService

    "The author got it right with this where so many others miss it." Chris Ware, Entrepreneur

    "This book shows you actual real life, successful people - great job Brandon!" - Paul M. Hecht, best selling author of "Everyday Real Estate Millionaires"

    "The stories are inspiring." Erik Templin, SVP Hays Companies

    "Brandon's writing style drew me in and I found the book wasn't about money at all. It's about people. I love that Brandon went in with one "grand" idea about passion being synonymous with success - and after interviewing his participants, came out with some entirely different lessons. This book is relatable, insightful and by the end of it I found it, unexpectedly, very encouraging." Elly Taylor, Parenthood Pioneer, author of, "Becoming Us"

    "Brandon has captured the essence of what it takes for anyone to legitimately set their sights on financial independence." Eric Dellinger

    "I think everyone would like to pick someone's brain that has attained excellence or a level of success in any field they are passionate about." RT

    "Good, entertaining book that keeps you interested. Brandon has a fun sense of humor that he puts into the creation of his book." Anthony Crosby


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    Top 10 Reasons to Buy the Book

    10. Learn the TRUTH about success
    9. No recycled, hyped-up advice that doesn't work anyway
    8. Learn from 21 millionaires' experience
    7. Read millionaires' life stories in their own words
    6. Learn how build a businesses in good times and bad
    5. Learn how 21 successful entrepreneurial millionaires balanced (or didn't balance) time with their family
    4. Learn what worked and what didn't for these successful people
    3. Free yourself of the frustration of not being as successful as you want to be and know you can be
    2. You'll be better equipped for and feel more relaxed about your journey
    1. Give yourself tools to help find your own success


    Imagine you could have a private 1-2 hour interview with a millionaire - What questions would you ask? What would you want to know?

    By interviewing 21 ordinary people who created extraordinary success in industries as diverse as junk, jewelry, toys, and payroll, I learned:

    • The commonalities millionaires share
    • The missing ingredient in success
    • What makes some people successful and others not
    • The myth of goals, vision, and passion
    • What advice they would give YOU


    21 Questions for 21 Millionaires: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Success - the no hype, behind the scenes look at how ordinary people create extraordinary success!

  • New Book!

  • 21 Questions for 21 Olympians

    Watch for Brandon's new book, 21 Questions for 21 Olympians, which highlights the stories, journeys, and drive of Olympic Athletes.