• 21 Self Made Millionaires' Stories

  • 21 Self-Made Millionaires

    I interviewed 21 self-made millionaires to find out how and why they did what they did. I got more than I bargained for.

    Here’s a little background on each. You can read their success stories in my book, 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires.

    self-made millionaireMillionaire 1 Lee Carlson

    Made his money in real estate after trying farming and dairying. A relationship guy, family is very important. www.carlsonland.net



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 2 Jeffrey Luftig

    Built a successful consulting practice after leaving a career in higher education. His education all came together in a very serendipitous way and his engineering mindset combined with a penchant for solving problems served him well.


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 3 Matt Given

    Built three successful banking/payroll businesses and is now consulting. A fun-loving, take life as it comes kind of guy, Matt now gets to do what he really likes – spend time with his family, train for triathlons, and help others grow their businesses. www.mattgivenstudios.com


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 4 Jeffrey Hill

    A former Proctor and Gamble young star, Jeffrey had opportunities presented that led him to running a high-powered consulting company. He has since become an investor and philanthropist. www.teetimewatch.com www.gelazzi.com


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 5 Heidi Ganahl

    Had a business plan written when tragedy struck. She put that plan on hold for more than 10 years, and then came back to it when the timing was right and built a booming doggy-day care business. www.campbowwowusa.com

    self-made millionaireMillionaire 6 Steve Rosdal

    Wanted to get out of New York so he came to Denver. He started an Indian jewelry business, which then led to one of the most successful jewelry stores in Denver.



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 7 Vance Andrus

    A lawyer who wanted to get into business, he sold a business he co-owned just after making a bold move to become unstuck in life. www.AHW-Law.com



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 8 Barry Hamilton

    A software engineer turned business owner who is also invested in commercial real estate. www.redcanyonsoftware.com



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 9 Theresa Szczurek

    A disciplined engineer who wanted to start a business then went looking for the idea. It came, the business grew and was sold, and then she went on a quest to find out how people pursue a passionate purpose in their life. www.TMSWorld.comwww.PursuitofPassionatePurpose.comwww.RadishSystems.com


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 10 Jack Odom

    A spine surgeon who grew up on a farm and wanted to have the respect from others in his field.



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 11 Mark Sanborn

    A well-renowned leadership author and speaker, Mark knows the value of a disciplined, yet not scripted, approach to becoming what you want to. www.marksanborn.com


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 12 John Simcox

    Knew he had to provide for his new bride so he got out into the working world. He always had written goals and after taking little steps here and there, opened a successful jewelry store chain.



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 13 Bill Begal

    Grew up around entrepreneurs and inherently understood that was the way to make money. Toiled for an unpleasant boss while learning the industry in which he would later make millions.  www.begal.net


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 14 Doug Krug

    All about being in the flow. He made snap decisions that led to exciting adventures even while working day jobs. He now teaches people to pay attention to the inner voice. www.elsolutions.com

    self-made millionaireMillionaire 15 Cynthia McKay

    Credits naivety with her success after jumping feet first into a business about which she knew nothing – gift baskets. She is now a successful franchisor and business coach who recently earned her Ph.D. www.legift.com

    self-made millionaireMillionaire 16 Lane Nemeth

    Creating a multi-million dollar direct sales business was just one big experiment to her. She took the challenges as they came and worked through them and continues to do so. www.ultimatesparkle.com

    Bonus: Listen to five-minutes of my interview with Lane.

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    Bryan Willis untouched
    Millionaire 17 Bryan Willis

    Working 80- to 100-hour weeks in corporate America was Bryan’s forte, not only because he loved the challenge and the work, but also as a result of an intense drive to provide for his family. Hard work opened up opportunities and Bryan made the most of those opportunities in the title insurance industry to reach a spot he called a pipe dream. www.etinv.com


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 18 Shawn Kane

    Grew up around success watching parents work hard. Fell into the business he’s in and it became his passion. www.kaneconsultinginc.net

    Ladies, look at your man, now look at Shawn. Does he look like Shawn, no. But he could be rich like Shawn…

    Bonus: Listen to 30 minutes of my interview with Shawn. 

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    Millionaire 19 Judith BriggsMillionaire 19 Judith Briggs

    Got involved in a franchise business because she caught the vision and become one of the most successful franchisees in the system. Gets away from the business and vacations in the Caribbean a couple of times a year. www.1800gotjunk.com/bostonwww.1800gotjunk.com/worcester


    self-made millionaireMillionaire 20 Rob Emrich

    A social entrepreneur turned business owner, he created success at a young age. He now owns several businesses each valued at no less than $1 million. RobEmrich.comPaeDae.com



    self-made millionaireMillionaire 21 Richard Zuschlag

    A fitting end cap to the interviews, he summed up what I had learned from the others – you never know what something is going to turn into at the time, you make what seems like the logical next decision, work hard, and then find yourself years later in the middle of something successful. He runs a large medical transportation company in Louisiana and Texas. www.acadian.com

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