• Brandon has been interested in and working for the success of people and organizations since Arsenio Hall was on TV. For help with the history lesson, that was just slightly after legwarmers, but about the same time as pegged pants. 

    He has worked with individuals, mid-sized businesses, and large organizations to help them live better lives, be more productive, and do what they do better.



  • Brandon doesn’t say or do what’s popular, doesn’t spew clichés or preach platitudes. Instead, he delivers high impact truth that transforms. Sometimes he’s funny…

    There's no keynote like this anywhere. It's the fusion of education, enlightenment, and entertainment.

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  • Brandon interviews successful people from all walks of life and shares what he learns. Millionaires, entrepreneurs, sales people, executives, Olympians, athletes, happy people - all of them have taught him a thing or two about success.

    His natural curiosity led him to interview 21 down-to-earth millionaires about how and why they accomplished what they did. Their answers surprised him. They might surprise you, too. Learn more in "21 Questions for 21 Millionaires."

    He's working on his second book, "21 Questions for 21 Olympians."


  • Brandon's platform skills and ability to connect with audiences to engage, train, and entertain are second to none. He consistently receives a 98% satisfaction rating from participants who then use their skills to produce real world results.

    Sales, customer service, leadership, presentation skills, time management, communications, and so much more.


  • Brandon has teamed up with Greg "The Cruise Director" Cleverley to produce hilarious, once in a lifetime corporate events that will have your group talking for months. Think 'The Tonight Show' meets 'Minute to Win It.'

    Teambuilding? Oh you better believe it. Fun? Get out of town.

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  • “OUTSTANDING job…surpassed my high expectations.”

    Chris L., VP of Sales

  • "Hands down the best speaker because you made it relevant."

    Heather Blackburn, participant

  • "Finally a success book that is actually practical!"

    Dr. Aaron Blackham

  • “Best speaker/trainer we have ever had.”


  • “…incredible speaker. Very dynamic…really very engaging”

    Ann B., Program Host

  • "Brandon Pipkin's approach is straightforward and honest, but also insightful and inspiring."

    Michael Kuehn, VP Sales