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Brandon's dynamic presentation and contrarian approach will light up your crowd!

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What they say about Brandon and his work next prev

  • Brandon was nothing short of amazing. I talked with numerous colleagues in my group and it was a unanimous thought that Brandon was the best speaker/trainer we have ever had.”

    Participant, Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

  • The author got it right with this where so many others miss it.”

    Chris Ware, Entrepreneur

  • Brandon Pipkin is seriously good at what he does."


  • Finally a success book that is actually practical! While other books try to sell you using cheap promises of quick fame and fortune, this book gives examples of real people applying true and tried principles that anyone can use to improve their situation in life."

    Aaron Blackham, M.D.

  • Brandon was a great instructor. He created an environment that allowed for open and honest feedback. As well as made it so people wanted to participate. He was very knowledgeable about our company and was able to take that and relate the skills to our (world)."


  • You are a very allowing coach...easy person to talk to, you encourage other people to talk. You don't come from a place of arrogance or 'I'm the expert.'"


  • Considering the on-going praise sent in by participants to the consistently high marks on the course evaluations; you have exceeded our expectations."

    Justin Zapulla, SVP, Client Services, Learning & Development Manager

  • Brandon Pipkin's approach is straightforward and honest, but also insightful and inspiring. Great read - I strongly recommend it."

    Michael Kuehn, Vice President, ClinicService

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